Installed LED Stage Lighting

Fully Installed LED Stage Lighting Systems..

The ‘LED Light Performer’ Stage Lighting System – £3,795.00 (+ vat)

Ideal for primary school halls, our Lighting Performer package includes:

A 4m (6 x 13A) internally wired lighting bar and ceiling mount fixing hardware

Four (18 x 9W) Hex (red, green, blue, amber, white, UV) LED MultiPar stage lights. Giving you a palette of over 16 million colours to choose from, the MultiPars are medium flood lights for general colour washing of your stage.

Two 100W warm white LED Fresnel stage lights. Looking just like their traditional equivalent, they produce a warm white light – just like a normal tungsten bulb – and you have manual zoom from soft edged spot to wide flood to highlight a certain area of the stage or provide background ambient illumination.


A 48 channel DMXlighting control desk plus flight case. This easy to learn and easy to use DMX lighting control desk has manual control for all the colours on all the lights as well as a memory where you can store pre-programmed lighting scenes for instant recall during a performance.


Full system installation and operator training. We include all cables, connectors and full system installation plus one-to-one operator training.

The ‘LED Light Performer’ Stage Lighting System –
£3,795.00 (+ vat)

Complete system design and installation service available.

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CentreStage Technology… The 100% LED Lighting Company… Every single stage light that we specify, sell and install is based on the very latest high power LED technology.

LED-Parcans Fresnel-and-LED-Moving-Head-Stage-Lights

 Stage Lighting to help your star performers really shine…

A good stage lighting design will guarantee a system that brings a performance ALIVE. For school and colleges, we can provide you with a complete stage lighting solution. We also offer an upgrade service, adding new technology to your existing installation. To set the mood, highlight the star performers or provide ever changing colour and animation, stage lighting is a key element in any theatrical production or musical performance.

CentreStage Technology specialises in latest high power LED technology, as we recognise the clear benefits of no lamp replacement, infinite colour mixing without gel filters, very low power consumption providing lower running costs and no heavy duty cabling or power dimmer requirements.

For theatrical and music entertainment venues, schools, colleges and places of worship, we can create a complete stage lighting system design for you, followed by a total supply, installation, training and maintenance solution. We also offer a system upgrade service, adding new technology to your existing installation.

Chauvet Lights

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 ‘Hex’ LED stage lights now available!

Hex-LED-MultiParWe are now stocking and specifying the new RGBAW+UV Hex LED MultiPar and Par 64 Parcan.

These are (18 x 8W) and (18 x 10W) fixtures where all of the 18 LED elements feature red, green, blue, amber, white and ultra violet colour output. With lighting power easily matching a traditional 500W generic stage light, the addition of ultra violet gives you a whole new range of rich and unusual colours. Add a touch of ultra violet and see the difference!

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LEDJ46-6 LEDJ250-4 LEDJ46-2

We specialise in latest technology high power LED stage lighting…

So what are the benefits?

We advocate the use of LED stage lighting as we firmly believe that it is the positive way forward within many venues for several reasons…

  • Each light fitting is controlled by multiple DMX signal channels to give you fully programmable dimming and almost infinite colour mixing from a suitable lighting desk. Colour gels are a thing of the past!

  • Each fitting draws a fraction of its generic light equivalent. This removes the need for dimmer packs and heavy duty mains power cabling – and the inherent cost of their installation.

  • Latest technology high power LEDs have a rated life of 50,000 hours. That equates to nearly 6 years of continuous 24/7 use! In other words, you’ll never need to buy a replacement lamp again.

  • Low power consumption, cooler running temperature and total lack of ‘consumable’ replacement items certainly make LED stage lights environmentally friendly.

What types of LED stage lights are there?
LED lighting technology continues to progress so that there is now an LED equivalent for virtually ever ‘traditional’ stage light.

led_redMulti Colour Parcans – In  Par 56 or Par 64 size, these are medium floodlights with a fixed beam angle of between 25 and 40 degrees. We sometimes get asked to quote for ‘x’ number of ‘standard’ LED Parcans for small stage lighting installations but actually there is no longer any such thing as a ‘standard’ LED Parcan! The more basic red/green/blue individual LED Parcans feature 12 of each colour in one fitting, but there are then two different power ratings – 1W and 3W. This means that such a fitting can be 36 x 1W or 36 x 3W – which makes an enormous difference to the end result! For stage lighting installations, we no longer specify the 1W version, unless they are purely for ‘ambient’ lighting purposes, but many competitors still do so in order to appear so much cheaper without actually quoting the power rating. So make sure that you check out the tech spec when looking over any LED stage lighting quote.We now provide mostly tri-colour (red/green/blue),  quad-colour (red/green/blue/white),  quintuple-colour (red/green/blue/amber/white) or hex-colour (red/green/blue/amber/white/UV) LED technology, where all the colour elements are within the one 3W, 8W or 10W LED ‘bulb’. This gives you a much smoother and more accurate colour mix as all the colours emanate from one point source rather than mixing different colours that are separate and adjacent to each other which often gives an unwanted  ‘shadow’ effect.

White Floodlight


Warm White / Cool White Floodlights –  Excellent for general ambient lighting on stage, these fittings have a 60 degree beam angle to provide extensive coverage from a minimal number of units. They are available warm white or cool white or an integral and selectable combination of the two. Featuring COB (circuit on board) technology, there are 60W and 100W versions. Optional lenses are also available to produce much narrower 25 degree or 10 degree beam angles.




Multi Colour MultiPars – Usually of Par 64 size, MultiPars have a heavier gauge extruded aluminium housing. This allows more heat dissipation through the actual body of the unit so that integral fans run less often and/or at a lower speed, so producing less actual fan noise. Available with RGBW, RGBAW or RGBAW+UV LED configurations, some specific MultiPar models also feature a very useful remote zoom facility where you can adjust the beam angle between 15 and 60 degrees via a single fader on your lighting desk. We select the most appropriate model for you within our lighting scheme designs.





Warm White / Cool White MultiPars – Producing general stage illumination with low level or zero operating noise, once again there are fixed beam and remote zoom models available. The advantage of these fittings is that pure white is featured as a standalone colour that can be varied in ‘temperature’ from cool to warm by the addition or subtraction of the amber.


ZF100 Fresnel

 LED Fresnels – With a soft edged beam, this is available in a choice of cool white or warm white, or you can use a special Lee filter to convert from cool to warm and therefore have added flexibility for specific productions. In 100W and 150W versions, the LED Fresnel has a manual zoom facility to adjust and fix the beam angle at anywhere between 12 degrees and 60 degrees to perfectly light a specific area of your stage.




PF100 Profile Spot

 LED Profiles -These fixtures have a harder edged beam with four framing shutters to perfectly and accurately light a specific area on stage. Loaded with a 100W or 150W warm white LED,they produce an output similar to a 650W lamp and more. The beam angle can be manually adjusted between 25° and 37° and eight dimmer curves are included for maximum flexibility.







LED Battens – These are linear units that are perfect for uplighting or downlighting walls or a back-of-stage cyclorama. With RGB, RGBA, RGBW and RGBWA+UV configurations, LED battens elegantly wash an area with an almost infinite choice of static or animated colours.

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q-wash-560z-effect-1-l 41368-web Chauvet q-wash-560z-effect-2-l

Moving Head Spot / Floodlights –  With 540 degrees of pan and 270 degrees of tilt, these lights allow you to precisely locate the beam just where you want it or integrate it into an animated light show for a high energy stage performance. Several models have full remote control zoom to range from a very narrow spot right out to a medium flood. These are certainly some of the most versatile and highly recommended LED stage lights that we offer and regularly specify.

qspot-260-led-effect-7-l Chauvet Intimidator Spot 350 2 qspot-260-led-effect-2-l
qspot-260-led-effect-4-l Chauvet Intimidator Spot 350 6 qspot-260-led-effect-3-l

Multi Feature LED Moving Head Spotlights The ultimate in light entertainment! Full pan and tilt control to sweep across the stage and around the venue. Powered by a single white LED for superb reliability and zero lamp replacement, we can specify these creative lighting tools into your system design. With multiple motorised gobos (patterns), motorised prism and colour wheel, strobe, remote zoom, focus and iris control, really bring your stage lighting rig alive with LED moving heads.


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Individually designed to meet your operational requirements as well as your budget, key features of our specified products and integrated systems are high quality, superb performance and long term reliability. We guarantee it.