Custom Portable PA


designed specifically to your requirements


 We don’t just sell you a pile of boxes! We give you expert advice to make sure that your investment in a new portable PA system perfectly matches your requirements and expectations. So, call us today on 01491 82 55 11.

Our customised packages are predominantly mains electric powered systems. We discuss your exact requirements with you and then design and quote for a totally customised portable PA system. If you then decide to buy, the system is assembled, tested and delivered to your location by one of regional AV engineers. Here the system is set up and demonstrated, providing you with one-to-one operator tuition to ensure that you get maximum value and benefit from your new investment.

As always, we don’t try to sell you off-the-shelf solutions. Featuring wireless microphones of every variety, CD or DVD players, ‘flat bed’ or vertical rack mount mixers, signal processors, power amplifiers and even storage facilities for mics, CDs and cables, every single system is custom designed and assembled specifically to your location, your requirements and your budget. We take the pain out of system design, providing you with a perfectly matched and complete system with everything you’ll need as a ready-to-go package. A component mains powered system will certainly provide you with superior audio performance and is your ‘best bet’ if access to mains power is never likely to be a problem. Sourcing their power from a standard 240V supply and so having no limiting factors imposed by the capacity of re-chargeable batteries, these systems are available in much high audio output ratings if the application demands it. The main source/mixing/amplification equipment is available in two formats: 1) Individual self-contained items, e.g. a mixer amplifier, CD player, etc. 2) A custom assembled flight cased rack containing a combination of equipment chosen specifically for your venue or proposed use. Such racks can range from small ‘hand luggage’ style systems to floor standing ‘rolling racks’ complete with removable doors, braked casters and internal storage for microphones, etc. For either option, available components include: 1) An audio mixer. For freestanding systems this would probably be combined with the amplifier for convenience. For flight cased racks this can be in vertical rack mount  format or in ‘flat bed’ console style where the mixer is installed in the top of the rack and accessed via a removable lid. 2) Wireless microphone receivers. Each of these is then teamed up with your choice of hand held, lapel, headset or over ear microphones. 3) A CD/MP3CD player. Available as a standard single disc player or as a twin disc  system for entertainment and productions. A vari-speed feature is also available on some models, allowing you to alter the tempo / pitch of the music which is ideal for aerobics and dance classes. Another option is a solid state or CD recorder/player to record the event or presentation from the mixer directly on to disc, USB stick, SD or MMC card. 4) A DVD player. Where a true multimedia system is required, we supply a DVD player which can be directly linked to a big screen LCD projector or plasma / LCD screen where the soundtrack still emanates from the PA system. 5) Audio processors. Designed to protect the system (e.g. a compressor limiter) or to enhance the audio output quality (e.g. a graphic equaliser), we often supply digital versions of such units which can be set up to optimise your system and then ‘locked out’ to avoid unauthorised tampering. 6) Power amplifiers. Amplifiers can be in singles or multiples and have ratings ranging from a modest 150 or 200W up to those producing many hundreds of audio power watts. 7) Loudspeakers. We offer a wide range of models which can be supplied and used in one of two ways. The speakers can be mounted on telescopic tripod floor stands or, If your venue needs a rolling rack but would also benefit from permanently installed speakers, that’s no problem. When needed, just roll out your rack and connect it to the speaker network and maybe an LCD projector or plasma / LCD display as well, via a multi-connection multi-pin wall mounted plug and socket installed by us as part of the project – to make your life that little bit easier! The Finishing Touches… We offer a totally bespoke design service for portable PA systems, ensuring that you benefit from every feature and facility that you want—without paying for the ones that you don’t. Low cost but convenient features such as integral storage drawers, tamper-proof front panels, rack lights and separate accessory flight cases are regular features of the systems we sell to a very diverse range of clients and locations. We configure, load up, interconnect and then thoroughly test every racked up system prior to delivery to site.

We don’t just try to sell you a ‘pile of boxes’ online! Instead, we do offer you impartial advice on the correct choice of equipment to perfectly match your budget, your application and your expectations. So, phone us on 01491 82 55 11 or email your enquiry to We’ll be pleased to discuss what you’re trying to achieve and then give you a ‘guided tour’ through our comprehensive range of portable PA systems to see if we can provide what you’re looking for.