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dB Technologies Wireless Portable PA Systems

dB Technologies is part of the Italian RCF Group and they manufacture the Opera 110 Mobile range of portable PA units. The specially developed 70W power amplifier with auto-sleep mode allows powering, regardless of the volume level for up to 12 hours. The Opera 110 Mobile features an integral UHF wireless microphone receiver which you can then team up with your choice of a hand held, lapel or headset microphone. There are also inputs for a cabled mic, CD player or laptop, which are separately adjustable. For the voltage supply of a portable CD player, a power socket with adjustable voltage is available. The 10″/ 1″ components of the Opera 110 Mobile offer high speech intelligibility with a pleasant vocal sound and impressive sound reproduction with a full frequency range. The Opera 110 Mobile 70W unit features an integral multi-channel UHF wireless microphone receiver which can be used with an extensive range of their hand held, lapel and headset microphones.

The Opera 110 Mobile also has an XLR / Jack socket for a cabled microphone or balanced line input from an external source as well as twin phono sockets for an unbalanced line audio input such as an MP3 player, a CD player or a laptop PC. Each input is independantly adjustable.



dB Opera 110 Mobile 70W PA system including integral 16 channel UHF receiver but excluding microphones £ 650.00


860-M Hand held 16 channel UHF condenser microphone £ 69.00
 860-P  16 channel UHF body pack transmitter, for use with lapel or headset microphones £ 69.00
LMB-100S Lapel cardioid condenser microphone, beige – use with 860-P above £ 57.00
LMB-1000S Lapel omnidirectional microphone, beige – use with 860-P above £ 95.00
HMB-100S Headset cardioid microphone, black – use with 860-P above £ 57.00
HMB-200S Discrete over-ear omnidirectional condenser microphone, beige – use with 860-P above £ 57.00
HMB-2000S Discrete over-ear professional omnidirectional condenser microphone, beige – use with 860-P above £ 139.00


TT-02 Carry bag / protective cover for Opera 110 Mobile
TTS-1 Telescopic tripod speaker stand £ 35.00

All prices are plus delivery and VAT.

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