Stage Lighting Installations

LED Stage Lighting Installations

Fully installed systems from only £2,500 including internally wired lighting bar, ceiling fixings, professional LED lights, DMX control desk, data cabling and installation! For totally customised stage lighting systems, combining traditional ‘generic’ lighting with new LED lighting technology… Please click here. We recommend latest technology LED stage lighting because…

  • Each fitting is controlled by multiple DMX signal channels from a suitable lighting desk to give you fully programmable dimming and full RGB colour mixing as well as remote control pan and tilt motion and gobo control, etc. where available. Colour gels are a thing of the past!
  • Each light draws a fraction of the power of its traditional equivalent. This removes the need for dimmer packs and heavy duty mains cabling and the inherent cost of their installation.
  • Latest technology high power LEDs have a rated life of 50,000 hours. That equates to nearly 6 years of continuous use, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! In other words, for the life of the fitting, you’ll never need to buy a replacement lamp.
  • Low power consumption and total lack of ‘consumable’ replacement items certainly make LED stage lights environmentally friendly.


Our pre-configured systems feature a range of professional LED stage lights in a variety of permutations to suit your location, application and budget. Here is our selection:

The Stage Par 64 features 12 x red, 12 x green and 12 x blue 3 Watt LEDs to produce virtually any colour imaginable within the full visible spectrum for exceptional versatility. A continuous range of colours and ultra-smooth colour scrolling can be achieved by varying the intensity of each LED colour channel from 0-100%.

In addition to RGB colour mixing, the Stage Par 64 offers users all the other advantages of LED technology. With long-life LED lamps rated at up to 50,000 hours, this Parcan will require virtually no servicing or lamp replacements and it will consistently produce the highest quality of output without colour fading.

The Par 64 Zoom is a high output DMX compatible Parcan loaded with professional features including smooth RGB colour mixing, electronic dimming and colour strobing. The Par 64 LED Zoom features 24 x 3W LEDs – 8 red, 8 green and 8 blue. However, their unique feature is that you can remotely control the beam angle between 10 and 60 degrees. Simply operated by one of the lighting desk faders, these fittings double up as floodlights or spotlights, colour washing the stage or highlighting individual stage areas or performers.

The Omni Tri 9 features a new development in LED technology. This DMX controllable high output RGB theatrical light with 9 x 9W LEDs will outshine bigger, more energy hungry par cans in almost any application.

Thanks to its cutting edge Tri Colour LED technology, the unit produces superior mixed colours to those created by conventional LED RGB par cans. Each of the 9W LEDs is actually a 3 in 1 lamp, comprised of 3 different coloured LEDs: 3W red, 3W green and 3W blue. This allows RGB colours to be created within each individual lens, so that all 9 lamps remain on during the colour mixing process. The result is smoother, more evenly mixed colours.

Another advantage of tri colour technology is that it creates a better range of white shades. Featuring flicker-free operation, along with its evenly blended colours and high-quality whites, the unit is ideal for video production, too. The Omni Tri 9 includes a variable strobe and built-in colour macros to match popular gel colours. Beam angle can be adjusted down from its 25 degree angle with the supplied barn doors.

The Omni WA-36 is a new LED theatre spot containing 36 mega bright 3W LEDs where not only can you control two separate colours but you can also take control of colour temperatures ranging from 1500k – 7000k (warm white to a cool white), making this an ideal fixture for where both Amber and White colours are needed in one unit.

Featuring 400Hz flicker-free operation and high-quality LEDs, the unit is ideal for video production, theatre and stage use. Beam angle can be adjusted down from its standard 30 degrees with the supplied barn doors and a filter frame is also included for extra functionality.

Staying with LED technology, the Q-Spot 260 moving yoke light is equipped with a 60W white LED. It includes a colour wheel with eight slots plus white and two gobo wheels, one with seven rotating slot-n-lock gobos plus open and the other with nine fixed gobos plus open. The easy-access hatch provides for tool-free gobo changes. It also includes remote focus and a rotating prism. This ‘intelligent’ light fitting is fully DMX controllable, giving you movement in two planes, multiple colours and projected patterns plus all the long term benefits of LED technology.


The Showmaster 24 is a 24 channel DMX console with 24 1-bank faders or 12 2-bank faders. The Showmaster therefore controls 2 x 12 channels (single bank) or 24 individual channels. The Showmaster 24 can program 48 scenes or chases of 999 steps or a loop with a total of 11988 steps. Programmes can be run automatically or by external or internal music input. It is also possible to control your lightshow by the built in MIDI-interface to a allow a real-time live show to your music.The Showmaster 48 is a 48 channel DMX console.The Showmaster 48 is the big brother of the “standard” Showmaster with 48 channels instead of 24! The Showmaster 48 is a 2-banks 24 fader, 1-bank 48 fader mixing console. The Showmaster 48 controls DMX and has also the capability to be used with MIDI protocol to allow real-time programs. The Showmaster 48 controls 2 x 24 channels (single bank) or 48 channels. The Showmaster 48 can program 96 scenes or chases of 999 steps or a loop with a total of 23,976 steps. Programmes can be run automatically or by external or internal music input. It is also possible to control your lightshow by the built-in MIDI-interface to allow a real-time live show to your music.The LightPro 136 is a 136 channel DMX console. With its large channel control capacity, it is ideal for use where there is a combination of static LED lights and multi position moving heads or scanners.


6m Lighting Bar with 6 Lights:

System: Stage Par 64 Par 64 Zoom Omni Tri-9 Omni WA-36 Q-Spot 260 Controller Price:
I-1 6 S/Master 24 £2,500.00
I-2 4 2 S/Master 24 £2,536.00
I-3 2 4 S/Master 24 £2,626.00
I-4 2 2 2 S/Master 24 £2,634.00
I-5 2 2 2 S/Master 24 £2,686.00
I-6 4 2 S/Master 24 £2,836.00

6m Lighting Bar with 9 Lights:

System: Stage Par 64 Par 64 Zoom Omni Tri-9 Omni WA-36 Q-Spot 260 Controller Price:
I-7 4 2 2 1 S/Master 48 £3,469.00
I-8 2 4 2 1 S/Master 48 £3,477.00
I-9 2 4 2 1 S/Master 48 £4,219.00
I-10 2 2 2 2 1 S/Master 48 £4,227.00

7m Lighting Bar with 14 Lights:

System: Stage Par 64 Par 64 Zoom Omni Tri-9 Omni WA-36 Q-Spot 260 Controller Price:
I-11 2 4 2 2 4 L/Pro 36 £7,767.00

Individually designed to meet your operational requirements as well as your budget, key features of our specified products and integrated systems are high quality, superb performance and long term reliability. We guarantee it.